Thursday, October 11, 2018

CRM Members Outsmart Security Forces,Hold Planned Press Conference

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement party has Frustrated Plans by Forces of Law and order in Douala.

The Party of Maurice Kamto skillfully stationed militants at the residence of Bar Yondo Black in Akwa  and the party regional headquater at Grand Moulin as though they were granting a press conference.

A move, which attracted dozens of security forces.

At thesame time, the actual planned press conference was taking at the residence of Albert Dzongang.

Barrister Yondo Black just addressed the press saying there is no doubt about Kamto's victory; but the tribalistic tendencies animating debates are completely out of the party's agenda and highly condemned.
"Those planning uprising to accused the CRM will not succeed..." he declared.

The conference is still ongoing.
This story is developing!

Dominic Meme

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