Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Epule Jeffrey Gets Lynno Lovert Locked Up By The Police

If you thought the problem between actors,Epule Jeffrey and Lynno was over then you need your head checked.

Sources are reporting that Epule Jeffrey served Lynno Lovert a convocation after the latter injured him during a fight.

As photos of Jeff’s blooded face hit the internet,some industry stakeholders summoned both parties and advised them to make peace.

After all the above,Lynno Lovert was advised to respect the convocation from the police by showing up.
Lynno showed up at the station where he met fellow actor,Epule Jeffrey.Lynno was locked up and commanded to pay for Jeffrey’s phone

The actor was released today after he paid the sum of 100,000frs to Jeffrey and promised to pay the remaining 50,000 as soon as he can.This money is to be paid for Jeff’s phone which is alleged to have been broken during the fight.

What I do not understand is,how did it get to this? I thought the problem was settled and both had made amends?

My sources are evening reporting that Jeffrey allegedly used his connections to get Lynno locked

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