Thursday, May 28, 2020

Check out Eduke feat. Annie Anzouer in "BISAMENA"

Cameroonian- born/American based international DJ, artist and music Producer EDUKE, just released the official video of his tech house club bangar, "BISAMENA" featuring Cameroonian female legendary vocalist Annie Anzouer.

In this unique piece, Annie Anzouer serves her fans a melodious moment of surprise, because it's the first time she is singing on a new type of sound, which is nothing less of a jam packed fusion of diverse rhythms, melodies and spices put together by EDUKE.

BISAMENA in the Beti language means, "Here I Am". Annie Anzouer is using this unique opportunity to cry out her worries to the Cameroonian authorities and her lovely fans all over the world, to pay her tribute now that she is still alive and not when she will be gone.

It is worth mentioning here that, Annie Anzouer was the sole female act, in the Nzangalewa Cameroonian military band,  of the early 80s, with whom she toured the world and released many songs prior to her going solo in the late 90s. Even American singer Shakira  did a cover of one their hit songs "Waka Waka" during the 2010 soccer worldcup.

EDUKE on his part, has been performing in festivals and huge clubparties all over the world. 2020 is the year he has decided to connect back to his roots. This versatile performing artist, music producer and club DJ, says "BISAMENA" is just the beginning of an adventure that will probably go a long way for him to take cameroonian musical vibe to some new frontiers, especially as the African sound is now more attention than ever before on the global stage.

"BISAMENA" is now in all relevant online music distribution platforms all over the world for purchase and download.
EDUKE has promised to collaborate with other Cameroonian A-list artists, down the road. Mean while!!

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