Thursday, October 11, 2018

Blaise B Posts Opinion Concerning The "We Need Peace" Initiative,Gets Dragged By Angry Fans

Since the release of the "We Need Peace" song featuring artists like Daphne,Mr Leo,Minks,Blanche Bailly etc,social Media has been buzzing with fans criticizing and insulting the artists involved for talking about peace and not justice.

Many of the artists involved have responded on social media.Below is what artist/producer,Blaise B said and got dragged

CRM Members Outsmart Security Forces,Hold Planned Press Conference

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement party has Frustrated Plans by Forces of Law and order in Douala.

The Party of Maurice Kamto skillfully stationed militants at the residence of Bar Yondo Black in Akwa  and the party regional headquater at Grand Moulin as though they were granting a press conference.

A move, which attracted dozens of security forces.

At thesame time, the actual planned press conference was taking at the residence of Albert Dzongang.

Barrister Yondo Black just addressed the press saying there is no doubt about Kamto's victory; but the tribalistic tendencies animating debates are completely out of the party's agenda and highly condemned.
"Those planning uprising to accused the CRM will not succeed..." he declared.

The conference is still ongoing.
This story is developing!

Dominic Meme

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Salatiel Is Saying That Nah......

Salatiel has a message for negative people as you can see above

Salatiel,Mr Leo,Blanche Bailly & Other Artists On The Music Video Set Of The Controversial Peace Song

The Alphabetter Boss took to social media to announce the shooting of the video of the Peace song"We Need Peace".

The song which was released and highly criticized to be conflicting is finally getting a video.Some of the set pics can be seen after the cut.

14 year old girl shot by Cameroon military suffers

14 year old Rebecca suffers after being shot by Cameroon army.Ayah Foundation reports as posted below:

"'Rebecca' just turned 14. She was shot on her birthday at Mbem village in Nwa subdivision. She's been rushed to Nigeria wherein she's in a comma and under very care for over a week now.

Unknown to her, she was/is among the lucky ones earmarked by the foundation to be pulled out of the bushes and brought to us."



The Stevens Music female star won big at the AFRIMMA 2018 Awards that took place in the USA.She got the Award for Best Female Central Africa.She also just bagged another trophy from the Kunde Awards 2018.Congrats to her.

Actress,Stephanie Tum Speaks About S*xual Assault In The Movie Industry

The actress/Producer took to Facebook to encourage actresses who have been fired by filmmakers for refusing to accept their s*xual advances.Check her whole post after the cut and tell us what you think about it.

Rapper,Blueprint Hakeem Releases New Music-----LISTEN

The versatile rapper gives us a still-photo video song titled "PUTAM 4 MA KWA".
 PUTAM 4 MA KWA is a straight/pure hip-hop  chorale laced with lyrics that addresses Blueprint Hakeem's attitude towards the Cameroon music industry's multiple beefs, the constant Cameroon female emcee-fights for the throne, his summation of the Cameroonian political locale, and the long-lasting international wrangling between religions of the world.
 Produced by Gee Reign who died in early 2018, "Putam 4 ma kwa" by Nebangu Muzik's Hakeem is one of those strong statement songs that rather sees the rapper dumping all refuse of "beefs" in a more relaxed manner than his habitual grandiose presence.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Epule Jeffrey Gets Lynno Lovert Locked Up By The Police

If you thought the problem between actors,Epule Jeffrey and Lynno was over then you need your head checked.

Sources are reporting that Epule Jeffrey served Lynno Lovert a convocation after the latter injured him during a fight.

As photos of Jeff’s blooded face hit the internet,some industry stakeholders summoned both parties and advised them to make peace.

After all the above,Lynno Lovert was advised to respect the convocation from the police by showing up.
Lynno showed up at the station where he met fellow actor,Epule Jeffrey.Lynno was locked up and commanded to pay for Jeffrey’s phone

The actor was released today after he paid the sum of 100,000frs to Jeffrey and promised to pay the remaining 50,000 as soon as he can.This money is to be paid for Jeff’s phone which is alleged to have been broken during the fight.

What I do not understand is,how did it get to this? I thought the problem was settled and both had made amends?

My sources are evening reporting that Jeffrey allegedly used his connections to get Lynno locked

Orange Comedy Club was a win-win for Orange Cameroon and the comedians

The first Edition of ORANGE COMEDY CLUB assembled both established and new comedians in a subtle competition that took place at Canal Olympia on the 21st of September 2018.

The 10 chosen comedians who were present,thrilled the crowd while the audience rated them on the ORANGE COMEDY CLUB App from their phones.Comdians who took part were Moustik,Hector,Hoga,Senior Pastor etc.

3 comedians easily stood out from the pack.Senior Pastor,Hector and Laryssa Manfo got the crowd roaring with laughter during their segments.

All in all,the show was a success.Orange Cameroun should continue using entertanment outlets to sell their products and in turn help the growing entertainment industry in Cameroon

ASKIA Makes Glorious Comeback With A Melodious And Powerful Song…Listen

Askia has just made a glorious comeback with a tribute and a plea for inclusive dialogue to solve the Anglophone crisis.The Rap star recounts instances where men are killed and blames are put on stray bullets.She also referenced the fact that nobody wins in a war as people are dying from both sides.

She makes mention of the fact that things can be replaced but not a life’s lost.

I personally love the song.Askia welcome back and gurl you got bars for days.Check the song below: